Hybrid Blue

How does it work?

The best combination out of two worlds. We needed to expand not only our minds, but also boundaries of chemistry. Organic and inorganic chemistries were put together to reach all the needed features to create the perfect anti-fouling solution.

The hybrid chemistry produces unique elements that are not normally seen in standard coatings. Hybridblue gives the harmony between hardness, toughness, adhesion, appearance and endurance.

The hybrid solution

Aqua barrier:

In the sea environment barnacles will attach themselves permanently to the hull making cleaning a very hard and ongoing challenge, cleaning is now a trivial procedure and requires no tools. The boat is cleaned by its movement through the water.


After 15 months in the sea, this coated steel plate was clean with water and the swipe of a finger. This is due to non-porous and hydrophobic low energy surface created by hybridblue.

A customer case from the north

Owner of this boat is passionate about boating and every summer he will average 6 000 nautical miles. After the installation of hybridblue he experienced an 11% fuel saving.


The area which is coated with hybridblue is clear white.

What substrates It can be used on?



Gel coat


Epoxy primer or a base coat is recommended for porous substrates

What advantages biocide-free gives?

  • The boat can be used in both sea water and fresh water. Nothing is leaching into water.
  • It is safe for you, me and sealife.
  • Significantly reduced environmental impact

When the boat can be put into water?

       After two weeks curing at the temperature above +10ºC.