About Us

Why to choose us?

Manufacturing companies and boat owners choose ES Marine for the highest quality work, attention to detail, and precision. As well as the excellent reputation between ourselves and many marine manufacturers. We are a preferred supplier for the largest mould manufacturing companies in the UK. Also, we are well known in top global luxury power boat companies. The number of services offered are unique to ourselves, and they have been developed over a number of years.


Our teams combined experience and knowledge ables us to provide the following services, all over the world:

  • All aspects of paint work large and small ( AWL Grip System, 2K Paint systems and Spray Gel Coat)
  • Custom Paint Work
  • Full Boat Fairing ( AwlGrip system )
  • GRP Repairs, gel repairs & gel flow coating
  • All exterior and interior silicone work
  • lacquer repairs from small chips and scratches to full lacquer tops & bulkhead resprays
  • Vinyl repairs on solid colours white, black and brown e.g.
  • Vinyl wrap / signs / decals
  • Carpet fitting
  • Carpentry & flooring
  • Glass scratches
  • Teak repairs, dents, scratchs and re-caulking
  • Custom made units in GRP
  • Antifouling
  • Plug and Mould Finishing and Repairing
  • Boat Valeting
  • Other Related Services